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Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Christina and I live in Austin, Texas. Ironically, when I went to my first yoga class in 2004 I hated it. I can remember attempting bakasana and landing on my head. I was not happy and quickly swore off yoga. This all changed in 2007 when I was living and studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Down the street from my apartment I stumbled upon a DeRose swasthya yoga studio.  I am not sure what came over me but I decided to walk into the studio and try out a class. When I left the studio I found myself perplexed that I had prepaid 3 months of yoga. Since I had prepaid unlimited classes, I felt obligated to go as much as possible so that I would not feel like I was losing money. Slowly I began to really enjoy practicing and starting going to the studio as much as 5-6 times per week. I not only found myself getting physically stronger but I also felt much more relaxed and happier after every class.  Since I first walked into the DeRose studio, I haven’t stopped practicing. Yoga is now a large part of my life. Although I no longer practice DeRose yoga, I have now tried several of other styles of yoga. I also have coupled my passion of travel with yoga and began taking yoga pose pictures during my trips all over the world. This blog chronicles my travels through the world and life.

“The means must express the end that we desire; the journey is as important as the destination.”

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